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Kaitlyn Weaver & Andrew Poje Appreciation Society + figure skating

I wonder if we’ll get music announcements soon or if they will wait until Autumn Classic to announce? 




Yay!!! (Yes that should read 2018)

So excited to see their new programs. Seems they are starting the season as normal, showing programs early and then using the tour potentially to give the programs mileage. 

A clever move for WP - just to remind everyone they are not gone and they are serious about competing the second half of the season. 

Also a good opportunity to get feedback on the programs so they aren’t rushing around in January - especially with the new judging system. It’s a go od opportunity to see what GOE the judges are actually going to give various things (although to date, the variance of +5 to +1 on the same elements really isn’t helping a lot of skaters understand). 


US International Figure Skating Classic Entries

These are - finally - the entries for the third Challenger Series event, the US International Figure Skating Classic.



Kaitlyn Weaver & Andrew Poje | Being cute | First steps on ice

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Another GP Update

Kevin Reynolds of Canada has been announced as the replacement for Jorik Hendrickx at Skate America.

Alaine Chartrand of Canada has been announced as the replacement for Nicole Rajicova at Skate America.

Nicole Rajicova’s spot at GP Finland is going as another host spot to Finland, which means that both Viveca Lindfords get a spot.

Minerva Fabienne Hass and Nolan Seegert of Germany and Camille Reust and Andrew Wolfe of Canada have been announced as the replacements for You Xiaoyu and Hao Zhang and Julianne Seguin and Charlie Bilodeau of Canada at the Internationaux de France.

Shari Noch and Christian Nuchtern of Germany have been announced as the replacements for Courtney Mansour and Michal Ceska of the Czech Republic at the GP Finland .

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“The ice dancers know the root of their success has stemmed from professional and personal relationships which balances each’s own talents and flaws.”


“Andrew is very methodical and structured and so good at routine. He can balance it out and say ‘this is the work we have to do today,’ and that consistently is totally necessary in the sport and in training.” - Kaitlyn Weaver

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Carolina Kostner, Italia Summer Tour 2018 in Selva di Val Gardena (x)

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Due to the new scoring system’s +5/-5 GOE range, the ISU has restarted its statistics from zero. As a result, Wang Shiyue & Liu Xinyu are the current total score and free dance World Record holders.

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“Living for Pasquale back in the Kiss n Cry with Kaitlyn and Andrew!
it’s so funny, I was watching and was like oh man, look at Kaitlyn and Pasquale’s faces!!
and then I saw this...




Living for Pasquale back in the Kiss n Cry with Kaitlyn and Andrew!

it’s so funny, I was watching and was like oh man, look at Kaitlyn and Pasquale’s faces!!

and then I saw this post and was like WAIT PASQUALE WAS BACK IN THE KISS AND CRY WITH KAITLYN AND ANDREW and got very emotional about it

Great fo r him to see his iconic creation get a world medal. They were so close to getting on the podium in 2012 with Malade but they did it this time.


Anonymous asked: WeaPo worked with Serge Onik today! Serge posted on his Instagram story!

Omg I just looked! A tiny glimpse!


I know that Kaitlyn and Andrew got choreography with Pasquale (was it both RD and FD?) But I really hope Serge is involved in the RD, given how awesome Applause was.

“cuties 😚
Madison and Evan have arrived in Montreal


cuties 😚

Madison and Evan have arrived in Montreal

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